Customer case

Citation of a loyal customer:

We are happy with the professional support of Andriessen. They are the specialist in the examination branch, in the examination process as well as with the software.


But this doesn’t happen overnight.

So how do they do it at Andriessen?

A customer worded it like this:

“When we started, we had nothing prepared on the examination process. We were a part of an educational system. We chose Andriessen because of their experience with the entire process of testing. TeleToets, the software, supports the entire logistic. We started to work with Andriessen from scratch. We use the entire testing logistic, from registration to printing the diploma. We also use the entire flow around the item bank and test matrix. It was quite the feat to establish all this.”

Our customer did not accept any mistakes.

It had to be  “first time right” done for the candidate.

During this process, we became more partners in striving towards the same goal:

The uninterrupted examination of the candidate.

This didn’t happen on its own.

Oh no.

Printing diplomas used to take a long time. After multiple improvements in hardware and software, we now have a streamlined printing process.

The entire process is now tuned and automated.

The customer has little to worry about.

The only thing our customer has to do, is to keep the exams up-to-date. The consultants of Andriessen know all about this. They will gladly help you.